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Flavour of the Month


Ikea Öl Mörk Dark Lager Beer (4.7% abv) and Durham Brewery Zappa Saison (5.5% abv).  
A trip to Ikea has Alastair Gilmour singing the praises of a Swedish lager and a single hop variety of beer has him reaching for the turntable.


If you’re not a lover of beers such as Peach Melba Jesmond Metro & Cracked Pepper IPA; Germolene Grapefruit & Rice Krispie Sour; Crème Brulée Chocolate Salt Cod Stout; Mango Django & Dildo Gewurtztraminer Mild, or any combination of those, this is the rodent for you.


RESIST Anti-Imperial Stout (7.6% abv)
This couldn’t not be beer of the month, could it? 
A group of independent Northumberland breweries have put their creative heads together and created Resist Anti-Imperial Stout in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – with the intention of raising money going directly to the Red Cross to assist Ukrainians who have been internally displaced and those fleeing the country.


Not one, not two, but three beers this month for your enjoyment, each with its own characteristics.
Ale the best from Wylam, a seven malt teaser and beer and whisky chaser.


The Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) beer awards, judged by brewers and industry experts, have chosen Harviestoun’s Schiehallion Cask Lager (4.8% abv) and Red Willow’s Perceptionless New England IPA (6.6%abv) as the best in the UK for cask and keg respectively.


You’d expect three new beers from two breweries with more than 1,000 years combined experience to be absolutely spot-on – they wouldn’t still be around otherwise. So, when its latest expressions have been produced for the low- and no-alcohol market you would imagine them to be pretty well researched, brilliantly constructed and trialled, not to say damned good. And you’d be absolutely right to think so.

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