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May 2022

Beers of the Month

Not one, not two, but three beers this month for your enjoyment, each with its own characteristics.


Ale the best from Wylam

The Makings Of You Centennial Pale (4.4% abv) is a Wylam Brewery collaboration ale in cahoots with its live events partner World Headquarters, the longest-running independent nightclub in Newcastle.

So, you could argue that this new beer represents a collaboration within a collaboration. The aromas, flavours and appearance of this springtide, light-toned ale are triggered by a fundamental base of super pale and wheat malt. Harvest-fresh Centennial whole cone hops in the kettle combine with a subtle post-fermentation Cryo dry hop to produce aromatic pine, vibrant grapefruit and juicy tangerine characteristics.


Wylam Brewery and World Headquarters (under their Nat Turner Live Events platform) regularly team up on live music at the iconic brewery at the Palace of Arts building in Exhibition Park, Newcastle. A programme of events for later this year has just been released:


Friday October 14

The Transatlantic Ensemble return to the Palace of Arts to recreate their fabulous Transatlantic Blondie experience complete with all the hits we all know and love.

Thursday December 8

100% Soul with the voices of Virtue Gospel Choir – live soul, gospel and motown with full band, including brass section.

Sunday December 18

Martin Kemp’s Ultimate 80s Christmas Special. The national treasure is back – to take you back.

Tuesday December 20

Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours. The Transatlantic Ensemble make a very welcome return performing the iconic Rumours album which normally takes the roof off.

All info/ticket queries, email Debbie

Seven malt teaser

Beers are ripe for background historical references, such as Meantime London Porter (5.5% abv) which is brewed exclusively for M&S using seven malts in a recipe that dates from 1750. The aroma and flavour is initially sweet caramel followed by coffee and a smoky maltiness although the after-flavours disappear disappointingly quickly. 

We’re always a bit cynical of claims that recipes have been found in ancient filing cabinets, granny’s diary or under scullery floorboards simply begging to be brought to life (though this isn’t the case here, as far as we are aware). But why seven malts? What do they collectively bring to the party? Is it simply marketing?

Malt – barley that has been kilned (“cooked” with hot air to varying degrees depending on the result required) ­– is often referred to as “the soul of beer”, adding body, flavour and colour. But seven?



Beer and whisky chaser

Islay Whisky Cask (7.4% abv) is a Scottish Red Ale slowly matured in small, Laphroaig single malt whisky casks, first unveiled in 2021 to quickly became brewer Innis & Gunn’s fastest-selling limited-edition beer.

For 2022, the cmpany has released more beer to meet demand, however, the rarity of the oak “quarter casks” in which the beer has been matured means availability will still remain limited.

During its three months in solitary confinement – with the liquid in close contact with the wood due to its size – the beer has extracted complex flavours, giving it an unmistakeable character and the hallmark Laphroaig aromas of peat smoke and brine, coupled with vanilla, coconut and floral notes. These, combined with the rich, warming, malty, sweet flavours of the beer, create an unforgettable taste experience that is intense but superbly balanced with an unexpected freshness. 

Each bottle of Islay Whisky Cask comes with a specially designed gift carton, making a perfect present for beer and whisky lovers alike. 

Available via the Innis & Gunn online shop priced £7 per 330ml bottle.

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