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Daft Stuff: 3

Ten of the best for you m’ lads and lasses


1 If you were attending a top league football match between Honka and Haka, which country would you be in?

2 Curiously, which singer-songwriter performed “I Love My Dog”?

3 Marion Morrison was better known to Western movie fans as whom?

4 If you were to add a baker’s dozen to a score what number would you come up with?

5 Which 1980s Scottish band took its name from a Scritti Politti lyric?

6 What was the name of Hamlet’s father?

7 In which sport do you perform an Eskimo Roll?

8 London’s Fleet Street is named after what?

9 The Pogues were originally known as Poguemahone. What does it mean in Irish slang?

10 What is the collective term for a group of alligators?



1 Finland. 2 Cat Stevens. 3 John Wayne. 4 33. 5 Wet Wet Wet. 6 Hamlet. 7 Canoeing.

8 The River Fleet (which runs mainly underground). 9 Kiss my arse. 10 A congregation.



…And the barman says: “OK, what’s with the two black eyes? The man says: “It was standing room only on the bus yesterday and I noticed the woman in front of me had her skirt tucked up into her knickers, so I pulled it down for her. She turned round and walloped me.” “Oh dear,” says the barman. “That explains one black eye, but what happened to deserve the other one?” “Well,” says the man, “I thought it might have been the way she wanted to wear it, so I tried to put it back the way it was.”



Two views of the same thing at The Diamond Inn, Ponteland, Northumberland, reveal fascinating differences. One is outside looking in and the other is inside looking out. We’d rather have the latter view with all its connotations of sitting in good company drinking great beer, but it’s a stunning stained glass window all the same.



We at Meet And Drink like a bargain as much as the next person, so when you spot a display of pot plants for ten pence each, you’re entitled to whoop with joy and scoop them up for the garden or window box. Not these ones, though. A regular drop of water would have had them in prime condition in the shop – and not even ten pence a pop would tempt us to part with our hard-earned shiny coins for this sorry lot.


Charity bike riders assemble for refreshment at The Black Bull in Blaydon, Tyne & Wear, an exceptionally well-run traditional pub with no frills and loads of friendly banter – as well as great beer. The suntrap of a beer garden at the rear overlooks the River Tyne and the Newcastle-Carlisle railway line – and is a riot of floral colour during summer months. And you’re waiting…



“There’s something wonderful about drinking in the afternoon. A not-too-cold pint, absolutely alone at the bar – even in this fake-ass Irish pub.”


That's all for now pub pickers. See you in June, same place.

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