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Daft Stuff: 2


A handful of questions to tease and amuse.


1  Newcastle city centre has seven bridges across its river. Name another town with the same number.

2  People in the state of Texas keep more of one species of animal as pets than there are wild in the entire world. What are they?

3  How many of Henry VIII’s five wives were called Catherine?

4  Which legendary Surrealist artist painted melting clocks?

5  In what year did Tony Blair become prime minister?


6  What was unique about British prime minister Spencer Percival in 1812?

7  How many horses are on each polo team?

8  Which actor played the ninth incarnation of Doctor Who?

9  What was the name of the tower block where Del Boy and Rodney lived in Only Fools And Horses?

10  What is the spirit in a screwdriver cocktail (alongside ice and orange juice)?


1 Gateshead. 2 Tigers. 3 Three (Catherine Parr, Catherine Howard, Catherine of Aragon). 4 Salvador Dali. 5 1997. 6 He was assassinated (May 11). 7 Four. 8 Christopher Eccleston. 9 Nelson Mandela House. 10 Vodka.


...and while the barman pops into the cellar he slips an expensive bottle of whisky inside his jacket. "I saw that!" shouts the barman, "That's a rare single malt. I'm calling the police!" The thief begs him not to, promising he'll pay for the bottle. The barman eventually relents and says, "Right, that's £500 then." "Mmm..." says the thief, "That's more than I was expecting. Do you have something a bit cheaper?"


The Mexican-themed furniture in the Mean Eyed Cat in Newcastle follow the pub’s Latin American vibe and colour scheme, creating an extra element of fun. The stunning tiles used on the table tops are from an assortment of ephemera collected by owners Dave and Julie Campbell in the knowledge that ‘it’ll come in handy one day’. The St Andrews Street (Haymarket) pub was four years old last month, so let’s wish a happy birthday to all. Incidentally, the suntrap seating area at the rear is referred to as ‘The Cat’s Behind’. It’s that sort of pub.



Don’t you just love something with absolutely no conclusion? No apparent reason to exist. Existential, like this notice. Perhaps we should finish it off. Or… you will be shot on sight. Or… the cat will get out. Or… it’ll just swing open.


Some absolute corkers spotted in the beer garden of The Red Kite at Winlaton Mill, Tyne & Wear. The Derwent Way (part of the Coast To Coast trail) and Country Park sit behind the pub – perfect for cyclists of all abilities and families out for the day. The pub’s a belter, too.



The late hell-raising actor Richard Harris, on PJ Clarke’s bar in New York: “In my drinking days, it was my first stop from the airport. A fellow named Vinny used to be the bartender there, and when I told him I wanted the usual, he lined up six double vodkas. 

“I told an interviewer that once, and he said, ‘That’s a lot of bull, one of your exaggerated stories’. I said, ‘Call a taxi’. We walked into PJ Clarke’s; I said, ‘Vinny, my usual’, and he lined up six double vodkas.”

That's all for now pub pickers. See you in May, same place.

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